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And if any of the results seem troubling, definitely grab the "Reinventing Your Life" by J. Young and J. Klosko.

It’s a well-written title that addresses the core "lifetraps" programmed deep into our brain circuits in our early years.

After reading it, I am both fascinated and frightened by how much we are influenced by the events we barely remember. Freud called it “repetition compulsion”. We repeat the vicious cycle because it’s familiar and thus “safe.”

Examples of lieftraps in the workspace:

- someone may surrender when faced with a demanding task because they want to hear that they are not worthy of anything,

- you will meet many overachievers who constantly validate their presence in the group because they were excluded by other kids and didn’t break the cycle,

- your colleague can be drawn to an authoritarian boss because he was overprotected by his parents, and it feels safe.

Even if you have already worked on your beliefs with some #CBT or #ACT techniques and almost crushed your limiting beliefs, there is another, deeper layer to explore in schema therapy.

So, to sum up, “Reinventing Your Life” gives you:

1. A unique opportunity to dive into our deep-rooted schemes.

2. An action plan for work with the identified lifetraps that make us unhappy.

3. A deeper understanding that many bad behaviors are automatic and unintended so we can bring more empathy and distance to the table.

The book gave me many hints about my earlier life, which a conversation with a psychologist couldn’t unveil.

This is a level of depth rarely found in the classic self-help books, which I have personally dropped in favor of psychological literature.

Any other books from the field of #psychology you would recommend?