It was also my debut as a speaker in English, which was a personal milestone for me. And with a 4,58/5 score, I consider it a success.

I encountered three valleys of death repeatedly when scaling company after company.

1. Lack of product-market fit. To explain it, I used Huqiao 琥桥 case, where we struggled until we narrowed down heavily and started to solve big business problems. That’s how we began to increase video game sales in China through influencer marketing.

2. Troubles with creating middle management. To explain it, I described Konrad’s experiments with moving our ambitious Automation Heroes to different leadership positions. After some time, we developed a team ready for further personal and business growth in Automation House.

3. Being hit by the complexity of organization when it gets to 60+ people. I explained it on case of Tigers describing how demanding a top leader is, and why an organization this big needs great internal comms, wiki, and... partying and celebration.

It was a great event, and it slowly becomes a must-attend one for me.

Now I will take this knowledge and lessons to share with attendees of Founders Mind, organized by Michał Bąk.

There, I will be more focused on 1:1 interactions on our stand, which is "a digital agency building zone".

In Palace of Culture and Science, I will also attend the panel about the title #FoundersMind. The topic of top performance and human psychology is one I've spent much time on. And I am far from the mainstream here...

At Founders Mind, you can find similar-minded people and talk without barriers.