Never would I expect to find a great English bookstore in the old town square in Split. My skepticism vanished as I filled my basket with book after book, and finally, I was stopped by Mira.

Here are my choices:

1. “Navigating the Big Debt Crises” by Ray Dalio: Do I even need to explain? With economic pressure as the new normal, who better to listen to than one of the greatest minds on the subject?

2. “The Sexual Capital”: A provocative perspective on sex as a societal currency. Seems like an interesting lens to view the world.

3. “Song of Significance” by Seth Godin: We all read about the changing workspace, and I’ve always advocated for mission-driven initiatives. I want to bolster this notion with fresh ideas.

4. “The Burnout Workbook”: Though I keep myself sharp, I want more tools to guide the team better when burnout symptoms emerge.

5. “Drive” by Daniel Pink: It’s been on my list for years and adds another perspective to the topic of motivation.

6. „Performance Management” by Harvard Business Review. While I am letting go of my involvement in operations in company after company, I need a final check on the systems I have put in place.

7. “The Iliad”: What’s more motivating than the Homeric ethos of the Bronze Age, where mercy is for the weak, and everything hinges on the next epic duel? True immortality is reserved only for Olympian gods so that you can immortalize yourself in poems through fighting.

My reading always aligned with imminent challenges. Q4 is around the corner, and it’s always been a season of hypergrowth for us and our clients.

But I won’t be around this time since I am shifting my attention to #Singapore.

So, most of the books are to fuel me with ideas before the final check of the systems and teams I am leaving in Poland for my next challenge.

Have you read any of these?