For some, it's a dystopian nightmare. For me, it's an opportunity to boost my efficiency by another 100%.

The concept isn't new:

1. I use Fireflies.ai to transcribe and analyze my meetings.

2. Przemek Trybała transformed our Notion into a vector database to access all the company knowledge via a well-informed ChatGPT

3. I record my sleep and workouts with WHOOP and measure my weight and body fat using a Withings scale.

And I consolidate all this data into SSOT (Single Sources of Truth), viewed through beautiful dashboards:

1. A company wiki in Notion and chat interface to interact with it.

2. PowerBI for all the company's metrics in one app.

3. Apple Health, linking all the devices and medical records.

It's Automation House consultants who gave me the know-how to integrate these platforms, supercharging my personal and business productivity against all economic trends.


Rewind.ai is just another step in the game, as it is an untapped data point so far!

What excites me isn't the transcription capabilities of Rewind.ai. It's the operations that can be performed ON the transcript in the later iterations of the product:

- analyzing grammar and pronunciation quality,

- evaluating our emotional states,

- automating task creation through voice,

- or even be a judge in relationship arguments! :)

In fact, eagerly funded AI and ML startups are doing most of that already. That's why it's currently decentralized into apps and devices like Rewind.ai, Elsa Speak, or Fireflies.

But eventually, they will all likely be incorporated into the big tech ecosystems, just like all the health wearables need to be connected to Apple Health or Google Fit. It's both a concerning and exciting future.


Imagine a world where all your data amalgamates into a real SINGLE SOURCE OF TRUTH.

Want to know how your company's performance impacts your mood? Or how posture correlates with negotiation success? Or identify energy vampires through a combination of mood and meeting data?

It could be all possible in our lifetimes.

I believe in meritocracy and truth; to me, it's a dream data-driven world. Many things can go wrong and turn into a 2084 scenario, but shouldn't be at least a little bit optimistic?

So, what do you think? Where is your limit to feeding AI with data? Is it an app? A pendant? An underskin chip?