Under Karolina Kawska, Tigers doubled the revenues once again. At the same time, she supported me in growing Automation House and establishing XXII Ventures holding structure.

She has started our Cracow office with Marta and recreated the Growth team with MilivojKarol and Dorota. Our sales results are soaring, and she has built great middle management with the unwavering support of Martyna and Paweł support. And the daily operations are running smoothly thanks to our leaders and experts. So many great individuals and their growth stories, that I am not able to squeeze them all into one post.

Tigers rented a train to make it a jungle and take our clients to our new outpost, Cracow. Joey Coleman accompanied them as a speaker - a symbol of transforming fully into a customer-centric company.

And after financial turmoil in Q1, we finally we have some time to simplify the company.

With a simpler onboarding, meeting structure, and data collection rhythm, we finally drop some heaviness. We have amassed some of it while becoming a nearly 100 people holding of companies, all in the rapid growth phase.

But even while simplifying, we keep the top-notch standards:

1. We continue to hire only 1% of applicants through our rigorous 5-stage recruitment process,

2. Client satisfaction remains above 4.5/5, which was and still is our strategic goal both for 2022 and 2023.

Thank you, Karolina, and thank you to all the Tigers for taking care of the idea, for which I have sacrificed my comfort and security for full seven years of my life. It was worth it!

So, what do you think? Has Karolina done a good job?