This statement might raise eyebrows, considering XXII Ventures' impressive 40% revenue growth in a 120+ people team.


But to me, compound interest is a tactic for pensioners, not conquerors.

2024 is the year when I can finally reinvest the holding dividends after we have successfully bounced back in H2. I have helped to upscale thinking in some projects, and I am thrilled to lead another business offensive!

To illustrate the new strategy to our team, I will use the metaphor of Genghis Khan. It makes sense to delve into operational business details only when they understand the #spirit of the strategy.

I will share the full Mongol concept in my monthly newsletter, and today, I will mention only one piece of it.

As Tadeusz Zorawski recently sang during his Tigers United 6 keynote, "United we stand, divided we fall."

One of the things that mesmerized me in Genghis Khan's strategies was how he combined different nations' unique skills and technologies to win battles almost effortlessly. 

I want our people to work smarter, not harder, too:

- Huqiao 琥桥 will teach us how to service clients without borders, 

- Automation House will show us the power of automation, data and AI,

- Experiment5m will serve as an example of service productization,

- Tigers will show us how to run a bigger company with satisfied clients and build a powerful love brand.

So one of the Mongol inspirations for 2024 is combining the unique capabilities of subsidiary companies into one grand #strategy.

Have you ever used a historical metaphor in a business context?