Undoubtedly, it was a workshop led by Daria Knapik. A total experience that helped me to discover a big gap in my thinking. 

I can't wait to conclude the four-step process when I'm back in Warsaw!


I thought I would be there as a supportive mentor and an observer, but I quickly got very involved in the exercises prepared by Daria. Here, I faced a stark realization that I was dodging the actions necessary to help my companies more effectively through my personal branding.

The harsh truth was soon staring me in the eye. I had been veering into comfortable topics, like random book reviews, which, while enjoyable, weren’t steering us towards our ambitious goals for the future. This time authenticity was only an excuse for procrastination. 


Sharing stories and receiving immediate feedback from a group as diverse as ours - A-Players from junior to founder levels - was incredibly powerful. A quick feedback loop from different generations provided invaluable insights that refined our views.

Seeing our dilemmas, struggles, and ideas shows you how interesting people are and how much value we all have inside to inspire others! 

And another great thing were commitments after the first workshop. The progress we’ve made towards these has been significant, and it was like three weeks ago?


With the in-depth approach and unique process, Daria reminded me that personal branding extends far beyond social media presence. Something that I knew but lost this perspective, used to the pauperized version of the term, focused on tips and tricks and algorithm mumbo-jumbo.

It goes like this:

1. A deep dive into our what, how, and why during the live workshop.

2. 1-on-1 asynchronous work with Daria in Notion.

3. A second workshop on translating our message into specific content and messaging.

4. A set of customized prompts and GPT knowledge that will allow us to produce quality drafts based on the principles discovered in steps one to three.

The testimonials I received via text messages from participants were heartening. It is a new product in Tigers, and it was truly a 10 out of 10 debut!

If you would like to know the details of the next flight, feel free to reach Daria Knapik! If a group of executives will gather, I will gladly undergo this process once again.

It was a hell of a ride!