Three days of integration and workshops are ahead of us. The initiative aims to dive deeply into clients’ perspectives before we start crafting the 2024 strategic plan.


Among the participants are brands that trusted us in our key moments, like:

Anna and Motorola Mobility (a Lenovo Company) - our first Fortune 500 client, who trusted us based on our can-do attitude. We won the Golden Arrow this year, and this is just a warm-up,

Michał and RUNMAGEDDON - our first communication strategy, which helped their amazing team drive big sales growth. We even celebrated it together on the obstacle track in May this year!

And the other brands whose marketing leaders I will get to know better soon. They have trusted us with starting the whole brands from scratch, or our first cross-border European campaign, or we were their last try to work with an agency after a series of disappointments.

The years are passing, and we are still expanding together.

2. #TEAM

The second part of the crew is our team members who:

- were awarded the Tiger statuette for the best quarterly customer satisfaction results, like EmilGrzegorz, and Kamil;

- who possess unique skills connected to our strategic goals, beautiful brains like Jakub Rojek (#BigData), Ola (#Strategy), or influencer marketing superstar Karolina;

- some of the top leaders who will be running the workshops or guiding us in their home country, like Milivoj Puškar, our Head of Growth.

After the trip, we invite every one of our clients to a less formal meeting in Warsaw to share the conclusions of the workshop and have a good time together. One more chance to run a feedback loop on our plans, crafted to deliver more client value.


And when we will work in-house on the 2024 strategy, the clients' presence will be symbolized by the empty chair at every meeting. We learned this trick from our Tigers United keynote speaker Joey Coleman.

It's so cool that Karolina brought this mindset and idea to life! I’m sure it will help keep our talks relevant to our customer’s needs.


I am proud to see the company I started from scratch in 2015 reach new heights. Metaphorically and literally!

XXII Ventures companies are THE place for A-Players. And even though the customer is named a clear no. 1 in our values, it is made possible only by our elite team's daily efforts!

Keep your eyes on Q4; this is only the first of many stratagems we have up our sleeves!