Precisely two years ago, during the company’s seventh birthday, I left Tigers in Karolina’s hands. 

Karolina, thank you for taking care of the first company we've built! It enabled me to pursue the original vision of four core characteristics:



2022: zero foreign revenue

2024: 100k of new foreign MRR signed just last month in Huqiao 琥桥, thanks to John and Gaston teams’ efforts under Wojtek’s lead.


2022: not even a name for the holding concept

2024: XXII Ventures is a formal holding, with new companies Automation House, Experiment5m, and Sawicki Legal joining our ranks.


2022: Tigers and starting Huqiao 琥桥 is based on different processes and uses different subcontractors.

2024: Ewa's team runs internal Accounting&Finance, HR, Administration, and Automation&BI services for six of our companies. All based on one standardized process. 


2022: I am anxious about the upcoming tech changes.

2024: Our team of developers builds an Operating System that streamlines and standardizes processes in our companies. It intertwines different technologies with a set of frameworks for marketing, sales, talent acquisition... and many more to come.

A pretty solid set of key thrusts in the direction of "Technological holding above which the sun never sets," which was our original north star! :) 

Karolina's need to focus on her personal priorities was well-timed. Even though she responsibly offered me a gradual change, I asked her to make it quick.


Karolina has always been strongest when close to our clients. With her full focus there, she will both grant a C-level insight into our client cooperations and lead the CustomerOS project for the whole holding.

And where can I be the strongest?

I know it sounds bold, but running a professional services company is bread and butter to me. I’m a shareholder in six of them and consulted forty in my mentoring program last year.

The last two years were super complex, and have put completely new business knowledge into my arsenal. I have grown as a leader and a human being. And things are way simpler than they seem when you gather enough experience. 

I know this game, and I trust in our people. I spoke to our leaders, and I know that I have their full commitment. 

And mark my words, everyone who doubted Tigers should supply themselves with much vaseline because a lot of pain in the lower body parts is coming.

Today is the time to put on my tiger stripes once again :)

Stay on the offensive.