1. Accelerated Sales Analytics:

Having a smartly set up CRM is one thing. Combining it with data from accounting software and marketing is a whole different game. My favorite sales dashboard is able to view detailed Customer Acquisition Cost for every company in my holding, for every singular service, and compare it with the estimated client’s LTV. All in real-time and with the ability to go deep dive into the detail of a singular invoice, accessing the accounting software without leaving PowerBI.

2. Improved Operational Efficiency:

By combining data from Clockify and our invoicing system, we can keep our margins in check and ensure we are not overspending our time on projects that don't generate enough value. For example, you could discover that some internal marketing work takes half Full Time Equivalent, and the business impact of this specific task is much lower from a business standpoint. It helps you to optimize your business A LOT.

3. Enhanced Client Satisfaction:

By leveraging Single Source of Truth, we gain a holistic view of our clients, seeing their customer satisfaction metrics from our automated survey next to the revenues they are bringing, enabling us to deliver personalized experiences and meet their specific needs.

4. Increased Forecast Accuracy:

We don't need a separate place to view or store our forecasts. And with a clear rhythm of data input and comprehensive forecasting capabilities, our system enables us to enhance forecast accuracy. From an owner’s perspective, every week, I get a fresh forecast for every KPI that matters, so we keep our recruitment, cashflow, and many other areas in check and aligned with the current business needs. All without additional meetings or manual reports to share information!

5. Streamlined Recruitment Processes:

The SSOT system also supports our recruitment efforts. We gain insights into recruitment performance, candidate profiles, and hiring success rates by integrating data from applicant tracking systems, HR platforms, and performance metrics. Again, it can be combined with our HR payroll or reports from Clockify. This helps us optimize our recruitment strategies.

The key is not to create thousand silo dashboards in different tools, data standards, and input rhythms. The success comes from moving everything to one data layer in #PowerBI, based on the #SSOT database.

How much time it would take you to reach similar information in your company? 🙂 What methods would you use to get it?