Guided by our audacious goal to build a global tech holding, these are the ventures currently under my strategic leadership
XXII Ventures
We are building companies of the future.
XXII Ventures is a holding entity and shared services center providing our business portfolio with accounting, administration, and HR services. Specialized in strategic planning, budgeting, and operational oversight, it serves as the backbone for all subsidiary enterprises. It develops our automated Operating System, which allows us to raise our margins and efficiency through automation and business intelligence.
We are your guide in the digital jungle.
My first business, Tigers, offers a comprehensive suite of services in digital marketing. Employing only the top 1% of experts, it has astonishing customer satisfaction results, helping both challenger and Fortune 500 brands by creating awarded campaigns.
We are your guide on the Digital Silk Road.
Huqiao specializes in influencer and digital marketing for the gaming industry, specifically targeting the Chinese market.  We used proven processes from Tigers and combined them with unique knowledge about the Chinese 680M players gaming market. Our expertise lies in promoting games across various platforms, from mobile to console, with strong focus on PC and titles distributed on Steam.
Automation House
We are your guide in building operational excellence.
Automation House offers business process automation services, supported by business intelligence and artificial intelligence technologies. We assist in automating CRM systems, customer support, and back-office tasks, helping businesses scale without increasing operational costs.
We ignite growth with targeted outreach.
E5M helps B2B companies in acquiring new clients. We assist our clients with targeted mail campaigns, LinkedIn outreach, and sales advisory. We work with marketing agencies and technology companies.
Building my own history
At every milestone of creating my business, I realized that the thing that got me here won't get me there. Follow my relentless pursuit of overcoming myself again and again below.
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Learn my business path
Until I was 24, I was passionate about martial arts training. Time outside training I spent on reading, listening to podcasts, and playing strategic computer games. I was doing online MMA journalism to earn some drachma, but it wasn't enough to make a living.

I was literally calculating how much money I needed to meet my caloric and macronutrient needs. No bigger financial or career ambitions. Soon, even my accepting parents started to worry about my future. Deep down, I was scared of the “real job.”

Only after getting injured in my BJJ training and dropping out from the university for the third time was I left with no excuses.
MARCH, 2014
I soon landed a role as a Junior Social Media Specialist at a local PR agency. I remember the complete U-turn in my mindset in just 24 hours. The only thought I had was: “These people have no clue what they are doing. If they can service top-tier brands, I will soon be the best in this.”

A few years as an online journalist, reaching hundreds of thousands of views and page visits without a penny in the media budget, have paid off. I spent every free minute acquiring performance marketing skills, and soon this combination gave the status of the agency's social media champion.

Little did I know, this was just a foundation for something much bigger.
MARCH, 2015
After a late yet aggressive start to my career, I ascended from a junior to a team leader rank - all in just one year.

How? I relentlessly pursued more complex projects and higher levels of responsibility. Trying to silence or put me aside for a moment was a Sisyphean task for my supervisors. I was constantly poaching for more responsibility and forcing us to do better work for our clients. With every social media profile I ran, there was always a new ranking to conquer or a new metric to maximize.

It wasn't a healthy work environment. It was rather a fierce arena of constant fights, politics, and lack of transparency. But it has only fuelled me to conquer it. And as the old saying goes, "A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor."
AUGUST, 2015
As my contract with the UFC neared its end and I faced a glass ceiling at my current agency, I knew it was time to carve out my own destiny. It was the moment when I realized that “Social Tigers” will become a legitimate company.

I barely understood the difference between net and gross income, but I was tired of mundane office politics. I send everyone a critical goodbye e-mail, rented a conference room in a coworking space, and invited two of my friends to join me on this new venture. I still remember kindergarten-like plastic chairs there, but sitting there, we were already doing quality work for medical clinics, restaurants, and MMA promotions.

We even grabbed the attention of a global industry giant—Sixt Car Rental.
MAY, 2015
Founding Social Tigers When the UFC hired me as a digital content producer, the euphoria blinded me to a crucial detail... the need to invoice them for my services. After receiving three months of gentle reminders from my then-boss, who was eager to pay me, I took decisive action.

On May 11th, I entered the government office and officially founded "Social Tigers." The name was inspired by my tiger-themed grappling tights and the mindset that had landed me my dream job.
At that moment, Social Tigers was merely a vessel for my freelance work.

Starting a real business was not on my radar, let alone the idea of scaling it substantially.
After a year of my debut as a social media trainer, our diligence began to pay off. In 2016, I contributed hundreds of insightful comments in industry-focused social media groups to put our name on the map. I reached out to numerous businesses, challenging their untapped marketing potential.

Our team grew to six, and we moved to a 137-square-meter apartment adapted to our office needs.
To me, it has symbolized a leap in our maturity as a company. We tripled our revenues, even though it was fueled more by my relentless hustle than by a conscious strategy.

Planning the next year, I verbalized my vision to become a top-of-mind social media agency in Poland.
The shoemaker's children are ill-shod? Not in my company!

2017 was mainly focused on bringing our marketing to the appropriate - which means the highest - level. In June, I have launched an iconic "Ads Book," which was downloaded by 12 thousand people, and in the later years, it has become the core material for learning Facebook Ads by SMB owners and marketers in Poland.

But we didn't stop there. As we wrapped up the year, I professionalized our organizational structure, introducing specialized roles in marketing, sales, and administration. I have also created a meritocratic results-based compensation systems, which we still use six years later.
And the valley of death of trying to build a middle management has officially started!
2018 was a paradox. It was a year of soaring highs and almost catastrophic lows.

On the one hand, we experienced strong business growth and gained industry recognition. I even launched the second edition of the 'Ads Book,' a 127-page guide that saw great success. Our revenues surged by over 100%, and in fact, we became a top-of-mind social media agency in Poland, especially in the SMB segment.

Our content was just so specific, actionable and helpful. And it was delivered and rationally distributed through detailed targeting.
But on the flip side, my managerial choices nearly led us to financial ruin. My utopian vision of a 6-hour workday resulted in a perception of frantic pace for my team. I was slow to make tough calls, including providing timely feedback or letting people go when needed. I naively believed that systems alone could take on the complex task of leadership.

I came dangerously close to maxing out bank loans with a net loss in my P&L. It made me mature as a leader. I understood that pure inspiration and trust are not enough to run a team. It caused me a very serious burnout and has built a distance toward people - a trench yet to be fully filled.
Bad or good energy, 2019 was the year I stopped playing it safe; it was time to go big.

It started with me buying my first car. A brand new RWD Jaguar, which was a controversy in my family, still remembering my financial troubles from the year before. But I was scaling the business relentlessly, moving it to a 204sqm office in April. "The Ads Book" effect helped us a lot, and soon, we developed one of the best performance marketing services on the market. Ridiculously underpriced, by the way!

As the year drew to a close, we embarked on our first external strategic retreat. Hitting our initial targets, we unearthed our core values and envisioned a new BHAG: "A tech holding above which the sun never sets." The Oddysey for servicing Fortune 500 clients worldwide has begun. All with this ambitious declaration of our humble 17-person team. It was December 2019 when the die was cast.

From this point on, I knew that I wanted to completely rescale my thinking to a whole new level.
One of the managers, Karolina, returned to Social Tigers to the company after a 1.5-year break. I had promised her an easy-going role as the Head of Social Media in a radically professionalized company with a strong brand. But just a month into her tenure, COVID-19 struck, slashing our revenue by a third. We were plunged back into the Scylla and Charybdis of net losses, and the team scared for their job safety.

During the strict lockdown, I wrote my second book focused on organic reach and started a rebranding initiative. Our revamped brand and website soon became the foundation for our current holding design system. This year also marked my farewell conference and webinar tour as a marketer. I wanted to pivot fully towards business, as our audacious objectives mandated.
2021 was a year to put my actions where my mouth was.

We started at 00:01 AM on January 1st, deploying our rebranding to “Tigers”, and a new website. It was named one of the top3 rebrandings in Poland that year in the prestigious KTR award.

I signed a 5-year lease for an office on the 29th floor of a Warsaw skyscraper. And get this: we still needed the funds for the initial rent. Talk about betting on our future growth.
Moments after securing this lofty new headquarters, it was clear we had to elevate our game. It was around this time we launched our first sister company in a yet-to-be-named holding enterprise. The partner is Wojciech Jaworski.

Huqiao is a Chinese marketing agency specializing in the gaming industry. We found it soon after confirming our move to the Q22 building in Warsaw. Shortly thereafter, I briefly joined and quickly exited another venture, a misstep due to a lack of cultural fit.

I remember my 31st birthday, when we have let our team into the new office for the first time. 500 sqm2 with almost 360* panoramic view of Warsaw. It will be one of the best memories of my life!
2022 was the year when I decided to move from the CEO role to an owner role in the biggest leap possible. I started with launching Automation House with my cofounders Grzegorz Róg and Adam Gospodarczyk, and executed a smooth succession in TIgers in May, after just a quarter of preparations. This led to the formal creation of XXII Ventures in August, consolidating our future business empire.

War in Ukraine brought the love of my life into my world, Mira. Meeting her wasn't just a personal highlight - it was a catalyst that recharged my drive and focus. The emotional stability and happiness from my personal life spilled over into making braver, more intuitive business decisions.

The timing for business moves was perfect. The world started to get hyped and scared of AI, and when the ChatGPT craziness started, we were already ahead of the curve with our Automation Heroes.

The overarching theme for the year was venture building and redefining my roles across various companies. It's no surprise that one of my personal goals for the upcoming year was to restrain from starting another new company—a goal I really thought I would be able to accomplish...
2023 is clearly a year of economic slowdown.

With almost 100 employees on board, we again didn't fire anyone when the situation was the worst in March, again a 30% revenue drop, just like in COVID. We knew the drill already; we rolled up our sleeves and got back on our feet once again. Finally, we will probably finish the year with a 40% growth.

I was supposed to make international moves and M&A, but our profits decreased due to the recession. Simultaneously, I transitioned all my power to our CEOs. So I was without a team, without cash, and without the next mountain to climb. I didn’t want to rush with the decisions. The freed-up time helped me launch the "Hellenization" mentoring program for SMB owners. I also went back to my roots as a content creator, this time aiming at a global scale, supporting my various ventures. This is how I came up with this website.

With profits rising and operational excellence restored, I can follow my pothos of building a global tech holding once again. I am constantly looking for clean, leveraged moves that will give us even more unlikely victories.
Guided by pothos
No single human being inspires me like Alexander the Great. Historians of his time even used a dedicated word for his romantic urge to achieve the extraordinary. It was called pothos, and it perfectly captures my main motivation to build my own business empire.
On the one hand, he is the only person in known history who believed that could conquer the whole world.

Even in the middle of the unlikely Persian expedition, he started visionary projects destined to have an everlasting impact on our history.
On the other hand, with all his heroic deeds, it's easy to forget that he was a human being struggling for basic survival.

It was a brutal world, and the only way to escape that was through deploying stratagem after stratagem among powerful enemies and unstable allies.