Once per month, I take up to three people for an intensive online bootcamp.
A program strengthening the self-awareness and competences of entrepreneurs.
Who is my program aimed at?
In a world where change is the only constant, this program offers the insights and tools necessary for entrepreneurs not just to adapt but to outperform others clearly.

For companies whose founders have problems with delegation, drowning in current events, chaos, excess operational work, lack of profitability, poor team execution and excess stress.

Remember that I am the co-owner of four companies with a total of over 100 specialists - I have not forgotten about the challenges from the beginning of the business and I face them every day.

This program will be especially helpful for small businesses that have just started and want to go to market with a clear business strategy and a strong “why?”, “what” and “how?” – exactly in this order.

The program is helpful for 100 million+ companies that want to organize themselves and need an outside perspective. In this case, my knowledge is sufficient only for the needs of B2B service companies.

I focus on efficiency,
so this program is not for everyone.

Not for perfectionists who give up when faced with more difficult tasks and do not approach them on their own. We don't have to look nice or sound smart. I help and bring out the best in you.

Not for people who work sloppy. I'm sharing things here that have cost me much more than this program costs. I expect a minimum of respect and commitment from participants.

Get to know my work mode
We work asynchronously

I create a dedicated page for you in Notion, where you receive further tasks. Within your space in Notion, you complete these tasks and I provide feedback on them in detail in comment mode.

Commitment of both parties

For a month, we want to develop the habit of strategic thinking and prove how much you can do by moving forward every day in the context of your mindset, direction and methods of running a business.

I work exclusively 1:1

The second person can appear and take part in discussions, but one person on your side is responsible for the deadlines and the final shape of our work. I always do 100% of the work myself.

100% transparent with ourselves

I will show you the exact numbers and methods of operation of my companies. I also expect the same from you. I approach everyone with full trust and I also expect the same from others.

Get to know the program schedule
  1. Vision for yourself in the "career" area.
  2. Answer the question "why?"
  3. Working on limiting beliefs.
  4. Company values.
  5. Additional materials.
  6. Exchanging insights about your goals.
  1. BHAG - the company's big audacious goal.
  2. 3-year strategic plan.
  3. Annual goals and guiding principle for 2024.
  4. Company structure as of December 2023 and position metering.
  5. Additional materials.
  6. Verification of consistency of Week 1, deepening.
  1. Company budget for 2024.
  2. Setting goals for the team based on strategy and budget.
  3. Key processes in the company and their health.
  4. The rhythm of meetings that leads to the implementation of strategy and budget.
  5. Additional materials.
  6. Return to weeks 1 and 2 and verify consistency, deepening.
  1. It's time to solve all your current problems through the prism of the developed tools.
  2. You bombard me with questions about every topic that worries you.
  3. Go back to weeks 1-3 and check for consistency, corrections and reflections.
Opinions of participants of previous editions of the Hellenization Program

Solid mindset update. It was something I needed, just for 1:1 work. During a month of intensive work, I managed to develop a vision, goals and a realistic implementation plan, thanks to which I now know where to direct my energy in everyday work. There is great value in learning the tools that I can still use while staying the course.

Łukasz Wiśniewski
CEO, Heroes

The support program in which I participated contributed a lot to our company, and this is only the beginning of implementing all the changes. Aligning the goal, values and budget has changed my view of the company and I can already see how it is paying off in the company's results.

Norbert Śmistek
Co-founder, TONO

It wasn't just a workshop, it was a huge transformation. Franciszek helped me in business, pointing out new perspectives and strategies, and also helped me build a clear vision. His transparency, knowledge and experience helped me create a new version of myself - not only as an entrepreneur, but also as a human being.


Cooperation with Frank was very professional. Over the course of a month, we discussed many strategic topics, which allowed me and my company to develop. Despite the intense workload, Franek was very active and answered every question very quickly. I felt "taken care of" almost all the time and many topics were addressed individually. Franek has extensive knowledge and experience in scaling businesses and psychological aspects of business, which was of great value to me.

Łukasz W.

A total game changer for the way I run the agency (and myself). After 5 months after the program: - The team is more effective thanks to the implementation of strategic goals and understanding what supports their implementation at a given moment. - We consciously recruit based on specific values and the target structure of the company. - I know my place in the organization and I use my time for development levers, not current events. - I'm excited to see the company's development and what lies ahead! :)

Paweł Wach
CEO, RobimySocialMedia

At MG, we had many problems that resulted from poor management. There was chaos and fires were constantly being put out. We thought this was how it had to be in a startup. One month after completing the program, the company is better organised than I could have imagined. Everyone knows what they are responsible for, the business is properly accounted for and the team is much more efficient. Frank's program is business gold

Aron Formela

The program itself - pure gold, only specifics without any questions and, most importantly, you can ask Frank any question he answers. Applications 3 months after completing the program? The strategy has been implemented, the team is more focused, management is simpler and, above all, I feel like I have more control over everything, which gives me peace of mind and greater team effectiveness! Thanks! :)

Rafał Kupiński

Working with Frank is the best thing that has happened to me in my career as an entrepreneur. He helped me look at business and everyday activities from a completely different perspective. I did not expect that aspects such as vision, values, strategy and psychological profile have a huge impact on development. In a world of dynamic development and opportunities, he showed me which direction is worth going and what topics are worth leaving for later. I didn't expect Frank to be so involved in this project. I felt taken care of, no question was left unanswered, all doubts were dispelled. To sum up, cooperation with Frank has brought a lot of peace and harmony to my daily activities, I know what direction I should go, and this has been my biggest problem so far.

Adam Mroczka

Sometimes there is one thing, one thing that is missing today, but you, as the owner, do not see it or do not believe that it is something that will change your business. Thanks to cooperation, I found such a thing. Just like a lot of small things that I can implement right away and inspirations that mature in my head. I particularly appreciated the exchange of opinions and concepts, as well as the openness in communication. As a CFO, I can say that it was money well spent ;)

Wojciech Plona
Plona Consulting

The program led by Frank was a great developing experience! We gained great value by having the opportunity to consult our ideas and receive specific answers to our questions. Franek skillfully passed on knowledge, was always available and was able to provide us with solutions based on the model and scale of our business. It was an intense time, but it was really worth it! It allowed us to look at our business from a different perspective and we hope that the effects of our work will be visible soon!

Paulina Ciuba
Co-Founder, OneHire

Franciszek showed me the tools that enabled me to plan my business and transform from an employee in my company into a business owner. What was brilliant about his approach was that instead of providing ready-made solutions, he asked questions that were so precise it was as if he could read my thoughts. His constructive feedback led to independent conclusions and, together with invaluable tools, significantly improved my competences.

Robert Czapski

Without false modesty, I can say that working together as part of the support program has been the biggest game changer since I started running the business. I came out of it with a clear vision of actions, much greater certainty of what I want to do, new business tools and faith in ultimate success. But above all, my mentality has changed, I live much more peacefully and I get more satisfaction from what I do!

Bartosz Manicki
CEO, ProjectUp
Frequently Asked Questions
No, because this form of meetings is ineffective and puts the burden of thinking and problem-solving on me. I am happy to provide feedback in the form of video recordings, and I will be happy to meet you after the program. During the program, we trust each other enough that you can "expose yourself" by showing me the dirty version for my careful feedback.
No, and the interest in the program and repeated feedback about its too low price in relation to the value made me increase the prices from August (in July I take a month break after half a year of consulting). This is the last edition at such a low price and the next one will be at least 50% more expensive.
During the month, we work individually, in full confidentiality. If you want, I will connect you with selected people for mastermind, in which you will complement each other well.
Program participants, from micro-enterprises to 100 million+ companies, emphasize that I am a person willing to help, committed and nice. I myself have been in companies employing from several to almost a hundred people and I have not forgotten what it was like at the very beginning. You are my client, so you can count on great understanding, sympathy and, above all, real support.
The entire fourth week is time for questions and answers for me, as well as my overall summary. So you have an additional 7 days to catch up during the week when even more work is transferred to me. Due to the fact that I run several companies, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to "pull you out" after this time.
A number of tools for which I paid thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars, during various workshops, training sessions or by employing people with experience from the best companies. I have combined all these tools into a coherent system and provide them with knowledge, sharing my own experiences and detailed, cordial feedback on your work. Let's not forget about the mysterious bonus! :)
Certainly yes, because in addition to developing the key elements of running the company and delegating it to other people, you have a whole week to bombard me with questions about recruitment, marketing, sales, pricing, automation or whatever comes to your mind.
The monthly program includes, among others:
A month of support in a dedicated space in Notion
A big bonus for everyone who completes all the tasks
Free access to future program updates
Business tools I paid tens of thousands USD