They may inspire you and have proved effective, with both results and team energy being overwhelmingly positive.

1. Setting high standards from day one:
My narrative needs to be stronger than any other narrative around. Keeping it simple and positive without lowering the level of my requirements toward the team is essential.

- Held a series of one-on-ones with managers
- Asked team leaders to join managerial meetings
- Organized a senior+ discussion
- Kept the weekly 30-minute town hall and newsletter alive

This ensured that everyone was informed and focused on the tactical plan and mindset that will grant us further success.

And these meetings ain't focused on people pleasing. It's all about a mindset transfer, and alignment around clear roles in the bigger plan. One of my communication priorities is to make culture more fact-based rather than opinion-driven.

This way, I feel we began treating our team members as the A-Players they are. This applies also to our new members, whom I constantly ask to give them opportunities to shine - and they truly do!

2. Simplifying the chain of command:
The overly extended chain of command was disempowering and slowed us down for months.

One of the best decisions was asking Karolina and Milivoj to focus on their expertise as mentors and framework creators on the XXII Ventures holding level.

Now, they are developing our people and building #CustomerOS and #SalesOS systems. These contain important human standards and automations that improve our companies. With them overseeing the holding, we can combine our different services to solve major client problems.

This move enhances our value proposition as a holding and allows even outside companies to learn from our best practices. Feel free to ask Karolina and Milivoj to help you out with client service and sales challenges!

The final conclusion and my "One Thing":For many years, people questioned my focus, urging me to concentrate solely on Tigers.

But I was always focused only on building a repeatable blueprint for professional services companies.

Now, this vision has finally materialized. All our companies grow based on the same frameworks, overseen by our top people, and aligned around the same priorities.

Stay on the offensive,