This is the key concept for my upcoming speech at I Love Automation & Tools on Monday.

It will be about putting aside your daily train of thought and using Notion to create your life vision.

Nowadays, I see people compulsively jumping from achievement to achievement, but there is not much reflection on where it came from or the final goal of this. Often a period of stagnation or troubles heavily undermines their self-worth which is based on these achievements.

That’s why use the life vision tool to counter that, and it’s the first exercise in my SMB founders support program. Sometimes people need more audacious goals, and sometimes they just need to chill and enjoy the moment :)

Well-thought life vision allows you to create a company or career that serves you, not the other way around.

My favorite part of this process is mapping reinforcing, and limiting beliefs of ours. It allows us to see our unique strengths, and work on the thoughts that are hidnering our potential.

Seeing your thoughts from the outside helps us scrub the bullshit not based on facts and the criterium of usefulness.

The keynote is pretty much ready; now I am preparing the package of CBT and ACT self-work techniques to unpack and “fix” yourself and a Notion template to share with all the attendees.

See you on I <3 Automation & Tools, where you will meet a few hundred other curious individuals!