“Crossing a river by feeling for the stones” was a Chinese chengyu used as the Tigers’ strategy for 2022.

As a digital agency at the time, we wanted to follow our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) of building a global tech holding.

1. We wanted to use our core in digital marketing (“the stones’)…

2. To mitigate the financial risk of defocus (“the river”)

3. And successfully launch tech services and diversify to the foreign revenues.

Even though these were the most volatile years in my business career, in 2023, we will have tripled the 2021 revenues.

But what’s more important is that the vision from the end of 2021 became our reality today.

1. Tigers has successfully provided us with the much-needed safety and stability at its own cost.

2. We have launched the tech services in Automation House, which now combines Automation, AI and Business Intelligence technologies. Today, we help B2B professional services companies become tech-enabled. It means higher valuations, better margins, and improved efficiency and order.

3. We have reached the point when Huqiao promotes video games on Chinese markets, earning money in EUR, GBP, and USD on a daily basis.

4. All of that became formalized under XXII Ventures holding, which services our companies as a heavily automated shared services center and a parent company.

Evaluating my personal priorities in Notion during the weekend and analyzing our XXII Ventures companies’ strategy drafts for 2024, I have no doubts that we have successfully “crossed the river.”

These were the preparations for XXII Ventures to reach 20M$ in 2025 net agency fee, and we are coming for it.

Two years of fighting the river’s current made us so much stronger. Now, not so much philosophy is needed to make the next moves. It’s time for proper scaling.

I'm preparing for it, so there will be more book reviews and big transfer announcements coming soon.

And what’s most important, I urge you to upgrade your strategic thinking and execution skills. If you are willing to do the last one, let me know in DM here or on Instagram, and I will provide you with some materials and insights.