All accompanied by five days of paid leave, so they can maximize Huqiao 琥桥 presence on the big gaming shows and come back energized and with more unique IP.

Huqiao 琥桥 is a specimen among XXII Ventures companies. 

It increases video game sales in China, which has hundreds of millions of players.

But it's not an easy task to go big in 中国:

- you need to treat local gamers with respect, as they will request a refund if you use automatic translations or ignore cultural contexts,

- you will need to reach them with China-specific marketing channels,

- you need to have expertise when it comes to KOLs in the local gaming scene, as this will be one of the main leverages to sales,

- the government has specific regulations you need to respect, e.g., gore or soft erotic scenes are not welcome.

So, if you are not careful, your game sales in China will be low and completely accidental, followed by a lot of return requests from unhappy gamers. You can even get taken down for violating the local regulations.

That's why Wojtek's team is:

- traveling the world to understand the unique Asian contexts,

- meeting with lawyers, publishers, and gaming studios to get to know the whole ecosystem,

- maintaining a relationship with the Chinese Embassy, which is up-to-date with the current initiatives to boost entrepreneurship in China.

In Huqiao 琥桥 ("The Amber Bridge), we are building a bridge between these two worlds, separated for millennia, which resulted in many misunderstandings and cultural barriers to cross.

2024 is a year of ambitious strategy for Huqiao 琥桥, establishing a presence in China and opening to non-Chinese gaming marketing projects. 

Also, thanks to Tigers' scale and expertise, we will open the bridge in both directions, helping Chinese companies to invest in CEE, APAC, and NA, where we have many successful case studies.

Big congrats Wojtek Jaworski 严立行, on thinking big and rewarding our great team properly, and I'm looking forward to our 公司 in China :)