During the monthly program, I see that most of them, who are overachievers like me, spend too less time on the “why?” question.

I had been running from milestone to milestone too, chasing the next “yearly goal” or “BHAG.” Today I treat them only as useful business tools, but no longer my life purpose.

I think that we have been contaminated with the wantepreneurial culture, which says that the present is always not good enough.

Of course, it’s good to be better and better. But are we participating in this race because we have consciously chosen to? Or maybe because everyone else is running, so there must be some good reason for that!

And that's why in the first week of our cooperation, I ask people to forget about the company and build the PERSONAL vision and “why?”. We use the life vision template I’ve been using for two years - and it has changed me like nothing else.

You would be surprised how many business strategies were more hurting than helping the real needs of these brilliant people! Most of people just want financial safety, a reliable team, and some appreciation.

A week ago 🎙️ Maciej Filipkowski 🎧 said that self-awareness is my superpower.

One thing I'm sure - since I have emotionally disconnected from this absurd race, my results didn’t suffer at all. Moreover, I have delegated all of my companies, adapted my working style to my personal preferences, and right now, I'm consciously choosing the next mountain to climb.

It’s also the window of time when I can focus on other entrepreneurs before I jump into the next adventure. I have two spots left for March, so DM me if you want me to do a deep dive into your vision and your business.