Knowing the answers, I used the “5x why” technique to identify the core reason for my involvement in the case of every singular task.

20% of my tasks I need and want to do in the upcoming months.

80% of my tasks require developing or unblocking a clear owner of the process in one of XXII Ventures.

During the process, I understood that the process of changing roles is, de facto, a process of choosing and forging a new identity. 

The volatile market forces us to switch roles often, and it's not always up. It affects me too, sometimes with the rapid growth of our companies and sometimes because of some failures.

Think about it. There is always a gap between the “you today,” carrying the old schemes and habits, and the “new you,” a new identity that would solve the problem almost flawlessly. 

You WILL probably become this person anyway, but will it result from a quick, conscious decision, or slow, accidental, painful learning and adaptation?

I decided to undergo this process consciously, and the bridge between the old and the new is built during my current Dubai visit.

Think about it. What “new you” would tackle your current challenges most efficiently?