This is how the succession in Tigers went in May 2022.

Together with the new CEO, we shared our personal perspectives and the key lessons on handing over the reins in the company.

The key elements we shared?
1. The right CANDIDATE: you need someone motivated by the mission and the work, not just the title. As Karolina mentioned, she would excel in any different role, and I believe that.
2. The right SYSTEMS. Repeatable business rhythm of planning, meeting, and gathering data, combined with good BI systems created by Automation House.
3. The right STRUCTURE. A well-modeled business with results-based salaries throughout the whole organization.

The three elements we’ve mentioned are just part of a healthy business.

They weren’t set up for the succession, which was much more spontaneous.

And this brings me to the most essential point. ACTION.

I asked my partner, Mira, how she remembers the transition period. “You woke up one day and said that Karolina will become the CEO; three months later, she became one.”

Understand this. Even when your business is healthy at its core, in case you are not dead, you will never reach the perfect moment for the CEO transition. 

Succession is one of the dozen business topics we tend to overthink, putting the company's needs before ours and overemphasizing our importance there.

1. You are not your company. Make decisions that serve YOU and put yourself where you feel the strongest.
2. If you are overthinking something, just do it. Doubt is only removed by action.

Are you holding back on a crucial decision for your business today?