So instead of repeating after them, I will share two most important lessons from this year:

1. Stay on the offensive.

2. It's not about me anymore.


None of the worryings about the war, crisis, or other challenges brought me any value.

Just like Alexander of Macedon, as leaders, often we have no choice. Sometimes we need to take even stupid risks and just make it happen.

If Alexander didn't go against the Persians, they would have come for him a few years later.

If he didn't start a battle of Granik with Persians fortified on the hill over the river, his army would disband because of the... poor cashflow! ;)

And even though it’s hard to beat my companies in numbers in the professional services game (97% growth in 2021, 94% in 2022), I feel I could achieve much more if I was...

- following my instincts more,

- be less of a perfectionist,

- close poor projects faster,

- expect more from people,

- make quicker decisions,

- trust our proven model of operations more,

- didn't worry so much about the recession.

And the last one really influenced all the others too much.

It was restraining me, it influenced my mood, and it made me a worse decision maker.

Three events helped me get back on track:

1. My visit to Ukraine helped me to understand the human capability to adapt. And it was inspiring.

2. Disconnecting from news and social media. You can't imagine how many problems disappear from your radar instantaneously.

3. I read more. Great books like "The Rational Optimist", "Denial of Death" helped me to untangle my thoughts a lot.

Now I feel that I am ready for another glorious, risky charge with my "hetairoi", but...


Another harsh lesson from this year is that the business is no longer about me.

- I left my first and biggest company in the hands of the other person.

- I often find people busy with their tasks, and I need to wait in a queue to not disturb their workflow.

- Even though I've been an architect of the whole system, seeing it working well without me is kind of... sad!

I realized that my need to be appreciated and seen is a challenge to overcome if I am to grow as a human being.

No one needs to see and appreciate my complicated and exhausting intellectual work. Even if it costed me long hours, and positively influenced them, in the final account, I am doing this for myself.

Only me can appreciate myself.


Ending this with some simple epilogue is tempting, because it influences how impulsively click "like".

But this time it's just like that.

See ya in 2023!