At one point, Anna has quoted research that 43% of employees in Poland are quiet quitters.

Does really almost half of our society live at least 1/3 of their lives disconnected and uninspired?

Faking activity by moving the mouse from time to time? Watching Netflix during Zoom calls? Pretending that you are sick to stay at home?

Stop using the poor workspace as an excuse, and imagine the damage to your mindset done by being in constant hiding and active disengagement...

And looking at the stats, the problem is biggest in the youngest generation. The one challenged the most by lack of purpose and anxiety.

That's even more troubling. How are you supposed to build meaning and self-confidence by being in constant retreat, giving your bare minimum?

Everyone who knew me 12 years ago knows that I was totally lost regarding the job market, not in great physical shape at all, and not really a people person.

Being at work helped me meet great people, find something to excel in, and craft my career in a way, that now allows me to live a life of almost absolute freedom.

And in this freedom, even having a much broader outlook on life now, I still choose to work a lot because it can be satisfying and fulfilling.

Did I get something wrong? Did I become a dinosaur as early as 32?

I'm eager to hear your viewpoints.