1. Assists you in defining and selecting your preferred style.

2. Creates a comprehensive moodboard for your future looks.

3. Reviews your existing wardrobe.

4. Accompanies you on a shopping trip to complete your style upgrade.

5. Equips you with tips to maintain your style without unnecessary doubts.

She focuses solely on you and helps you choose things you can safely combine with each other, even without any fashion knowledge.

This way, you can have a lot of different looks from a very limited number of clothing pieces.

Even though she has already helped many women too, I feel it is a PERFECT service for stereotypical guys like me.

In one day, I am able to reinvent my whole look, trusting a competent advisor, and then just grab anything from my wardrobe in the morning and... go conquer the world in style :)

Prior to your shopping together, she even scouts the mall to get the things in proper sizes ready, and she does it based on the agreed moodboard. Everything gets taken care of, as she is the perfect organizer.

And you can splurge much money on designer clothes with her guidance. But you don't need to. With her help, you can elevate your style as efficiently with mainstream brands.

Mira is fluent in Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, and if you are a little forgiving, English.

With the price of less than 1000 pln for the premium “package,” I am sure that I will force her to raise prices very soon, so hurry up!

Fot. Gleb Czap