Deep thinking is about using a set of strategic questions and mini-thought exercises when you need to make an important decision.

I have a broad pool of such questions and mental models, which I compile and combine creatively on the go.

One of the most robust sessions in my life happened during my last flight to #Dubai, with over 6 hours of uninterrupted focus.

1. I started by clearly identifying the challenge.

2. Next, I formulated a specific goal addressing this challenge.

3. I then weighed the short-term and long-term pros and cons of maintaining versus changing my current approach.

4. During this process, I recognized most obstacles were psychological. So, I distinguished between thoughts and facts.

5. Using CBT techniques, I explored the emotional triggers and labeled them accurately. Naming the emotions clearly was super important, and I use the emotion wheel for that, recommended to me by Kris.

6. I questioned the function of these emotions, understanding that even the seemingly irrational ones have a purpose.

7. By asking 'why' five times, I drilled down to the root cause of each emotion to see what my ego was guarding or what fundamental needs felt threatened.

8. At this point of the deep dive, I returned to the first three points and reiterated them. The bold solutions that resonate with my authentic self started to pop up like crazy.

9. With these insights, I crafted a disciplined three-point action plan.

10. Additionally, I crafted prompts based on various mental models to evaluate my decisions once I landed. The most juicy prompt involved using AI as a Socratic inquisitor, forcing me to clarify my ideas and question my preconceptions.

11. On my way to the hotel, I executed the prompts and began implementing my plan with specific ClickUp tasks and messages.

In just six hours, I resolved an issue that could have lingered for weeks or months.

Sessions like that help fortify my proactive approach instead of reacting to the surface of so-called challenges. I'm focused on the leverage by unearthing and addressing the core roots of the most costly challenges.

What are your favorite places and methods to enter #deepthinking? What are your favorite frameworks?