There are some circles in Poland in which I have built my name as an entrepreneur. But hardly anyone knows that it was done without any strategy, goals, or tactics.

Every time I want to share something - I just do it.

And what did I want to share in 2023?

1. Death

2. Attachment styles from childhood

3. Building a holding

4. Quiet quitting

5. 2022 personal business lessons.

People are surprised that this content generates leads for my companies and sells my consulting work in minutes. Most of them are struggling with reaching any business results with much more calibrated tactics.

I fully agree with Naval Ravikant that “You can escape any competition by being you.”

I smile when I read #ChatGPT4 recommendations for a personal brand or the posts it's writing.

Good marketing is about differentiation, and soon we will be FLOODED by mediocre, generic content.

#AI will only broaden the gap between:

A. The top 1%% of creators being authentic and passionate, using it as a support,

B. The rest, thinking AI it's an ultimate solution to their problems.

But as of late, I understood better why it's so easy to be generic. It was when I wanted to do everything "professionally" for the first time because of reorienting myself to outside Poland.

…and it felt like writing a Tinder bio.

1. I needed to choose my audience from 7 billion people in the world.

2. I needed to give myself a simple label.

3. If I want to have results, I need to put a reason to believe behind this label.

4. And just after that, I need to catch everyone’s attention in 1-3 seconds.

Easy-peasy, right?

Needing to describe myself in simple terms and making these hard decisions was so revealing to me.

For every solution, I've got 20 more questions.

I have understood that I don’t have a clear label for myself. I even have trouble explaining my “why.”

For example, I am no longer an entrepreneur, but I haven’t moved fully to an owner role... while I am still too poor to be an investor. Now, explain that in one sentence and make it anyhow relatable to the broader audience! 😛

Having tens of dilemmas like that, I gradually peeled the onion and discovered my life purpose.

And if you want to know the exact method I’ve used and who was the mentor, that has helped me in this endeavor, click on my posts a lot so you don’t miss the next one 🙂